What are we Teaching our Little Boys?

When I watched the video linked below it really struck me and I asked myself this question: what are we saying to our little boys when we tell them to be a man?  What does that mean?  We have to show them, they have no idea what that means because the role models in the media – the cultural icons are not men.  They are actually scared little boys who believe they have to show attitude to survive and that is what they teach our children.  They have no root; no base, no honor or integrity, kindness, compassion, or love; it’s just a “free for all” any thing goes.  They are free to bully others, subjugate females, and whatever else happens to strike their fancy.  When we turn our boys loose with media this is what they will receive.  We need to go backwards in some regards and think about what most makes us human; it is our ability to think and to choose.  We need to unplug our kids from TV, computers, i Pads, i Pods, and cell phones.  Spend time with them engaging and interacting on a human level; go for a walk, shoot some hoops, throw the football around the yard, do acts of service in your community…  This requires leadership from us, their parents; we have to be willing to put down our TV remotes, turn off our computers, i Pads, i Pods, and cell phones and really spend human time, face time actually doing things with our kids.          The San Francisco Times.